The First Battle Won


This afternoon, the Senate voted 68 - 32 to pass the immigration bill, marking the end to a long journey and a renewed push to pass a compassionate, comprehensive bill in the House of Representatives. The Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) has been instrumental in pushing immigration reform forward, conducting nearly 1,000 lobby visits, actions and events since December that turned out a total of two million participants. They also generated over 350,000 calls to Congress since January and helped lead a rally at the U.S. Capitol in April that turned out more than 100,000 immigrant families. Today, our victory in the Senate made it clear that those voices were heard.

But there is still a long road ahead. The Senate bill is not perfect, with a long and arduous path to citizenship, the arbitrary exclusion of many immigrants and the unprecedented militarization of our borders. We must continue to fight for legislation that provides a path to citizenship for all members of the community, reunites families, protects workers and respects immigrant communities.

pledgeFIRM spokesperson Kica Matos said it best: “Today, we won a historic battle in the Senate, but the war wages on. Until we pass humane, just and comprehensive immigration reform we will continue to fight to improve the bill even as we are working to move it forward.”

Join us in our fight to keep every family together and fix our broken system by improving this bill and getting it signed into law. Click here to pledge to keep fighting until we win the war!