Texas Coast Braces for Hurricane Ike

 Hurricane Ike is bearing down on the Texas Coast, predicted to make landfall tomorrow. And, as I posted earlier this week, undocumented immigrants continue to fear evacuation.

Federal authorities gave assurances they would not check people's immigration status at evacuation loading zones or inland checkpoints. But residents were skeptical, and there were worries that many illegal immigrants would refuse to board buses and go to shelters for fear of getting arrested and deported.

"People are nervous," said the Rev. Michael Seifert, a Roman Catholic priest and immigrant advocate. "The message that was given to me was that it's going to be a real problem."

Xicanopwr has been keeping us updated at Para Justicia y Libertad. Check it out for a closer and more personal view on the hurricane preparations in the region.

I am keeping all those in Texas in my thoughts this weekend - especially the undocumented immigrants that are fearing both the wrath of nature and of our government.

I hope immigrants have been brave enough to evacuate. I also hope that our government is brave enough to stand down and let all people move to saftey, regardless of immigration status.