Tennessee State Legislature attempts to turn businesses into ICE

The Tennessee State legislature is calling for another low in immigration legislation- a recently proposed bill would force businesses, including countless small businesses to become immigration police. The bill would require employers to become immigration enforcement agents by requiring them to participate in the Basic Pilot program - a voluntary program that allows employers to cross check employee identification information against federal records. Learn more HERE Many states are attempting to regulate immigration out of frustration with a lack of reform at the federal. Though many of us may share this frustration, this kind of legislation is NOT the answer to immigration reform. Immigration reform must be addressed at the federal level, not state by state in unchecked processes.

It is crucial that advocates everywhere learn more about this type of legislation and show support to Tennessee and other states-

For more information on Tennessee state legislation, and to show support visit the Tennesse Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition HERE

For more information on Basic Pilot go HERE