Bush plan is divorced from reality

Clearly the Bush principles are a misguided, partisan proposal, here is some more insight into the administration's missteps:

Talking Nonsense

The Bush administration's plan on immigration is divorced from reality.

Monday, April 2, 2007; Page A14

PREOCCUPIED with scandal at home and war overseas, the Bush administration is resting its hopes of making a dent in the nation's domestic agenda largely on its stated goal of overhauling immigration policy. Yet the White House is doing too little to craft a plan that can attract bipartisan support and effectively reshape the nation's unrealistic rules on immigration. Rather than nudge its Republican allies toward such a strategy, the administration seems more intent on placating party hard-liners.

A week after sensible, bipartisan legislation to reform immigration policy was introduced in the House, the administration circulated a collection of talking points last week. The document, the product of meetings between senior administration officials and Republican senators, is a step backward -- not only from legislation passed by the Senate last year but also from the general proposition that any genuine reform must be workable. In particular, the document offers up a template for punishing immigrants with repeated and possibly indefinite fines even after they emerged from the shadows to secure legal status.....

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