Immigration Activists to Meet with Morton, Demand ICE Abuses Stop

 ICE in Detroit has been out of control as of late, including terrorizing parents in schools and searching people’s homes without warrants or consent. Today, immigration activists are meeting with John Morton, Assistant Secretary for ICE, to demand accountability and an end to the terror.

Leaders from the Alliance for Immigrant Rights and Reform, the Archdiocese of Detroit, the SEIU, the AFL-CIO, the UAW, and other organizations will present Morton with several demands to ensure accountability:

1.)   Pursuant to ICE’s own guidelines, “Field Guidance on Enforcement Actions or Investigative Activities At or Near Sensitive Locations,” we demand to know who authorized enforcement actions at schools, if anyone, and why.

2.)   We demand that ICE immediately respect their own policy, and end all enforcement activities near schools, churches, mosques, community centers and health clinics, and ends warrant-less searches and raids of homes.

3.)   We demand that the officers involved in Thursday’s incident here at Hope Elementary School be identified and disciplined.

4.)   We demand that officers involved in the warrant-less search of Rogelio Perez’s home be identified and disciplined.

5.)   We demand that Detroit Field Office Director Rebecca Adducci submit a “Civil Rights Plan” to the community that specifically addresses how problems like this will be prevented from occurring in the future.

6.)   We demand an internal investigation into recent ICE practices with accountability for those responsible, up to and including the discipline, transfer or removal of responsible parties.

This has to stop. The race to deport people has driven agents on the ground to cut corners and violate accepted legal practices. It’s time the Obama Administration reset its priorities.

Join us in calling on President Obama to stop terrorizing our communities. Sign our petition at

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