Stop the Nuclear No Match! Protect Workers, Protect Employers from DHS!

Stop the Nuclear No Match! We've told you about the DHS trying to use Social Security No Match letters to target employers and workers (more info below). Now is the time for action. Advocates, immigrant rights allies, and community members are banning together to fight DHS.

Week of Action at Regional SSA Offices

Next week we have a chance of stopping the implementation of the new DHS No Match rule. After next week, it may be too late……

Starting the week of Labor Day, the Social Security Administration plans to start sending out the first batch of 140,000 No Match letters with the new Dept of Homeland Security Rule attached. This rule basically says that workers with social security number discrepancies must reverify their numbers with their employers, that the employers must then check the validity of the numbers with government and then fire workers who can’t reverify, or face possible employer sanctions for having “constructive knowledge” that the workers are unauthorized. This policy could lead to millions of workers getting fired and thousands of businesses closing down around the country!

Our best chance to stop the massive firings is to keep the No Match letter from going out in the first place!

The purpose of the No Match letter is to get employers to help workers get credit for their social security benefit payments by informing them that their names and numbers are not corresponding. The letter says very clearly that its purpose is not to enforce immigration laws. Yet, the USDHS has taken action that clearly will change the impact and purpose of the letter. If we can demonstrate to the Social Security Administration that the letter’s impact will be entirely different than its intended purpose, then there is a good chance that we may convince SSA to reconsider sending out the letter.

Immigrant rights, labor, community and faith based organizations around the country have come together to coordinate a NATIONAL WEEK OF ACTION.

 If you would like to participate in these actions, send an email to: OR Monica Guizar,, or call Tim Bell 773-230-0351

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