Stop the Abuse. Stop Joe Arpaio.

[youtube =] Today at 1pm, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the infamous bad boy of Maricopa County, AZ is slated to march 220 immigrant inmates from the Durango Jail, through the streets of Phoenix to the "Tent City" that the sheriff has set up. These people will literally be shackled, mocked, taunted and marched through the streets like animals. And he's sent out a press release and invited the media to cover this horrific event.

This is a new low, even for Sheriff Joe. I have documented many of his outrageous and racist tactics here at Standing FIRM - click here, here and here for more stories. And be sure to check out IPC's fact sheet on Joe - who's unchecked power is obviously spiralling out of control. This comes on the heels of previously classified documents being released that prove ICE's abusive tactics in immigration raids have been ineffective and their violations have gone unprosecuted. For more on this click here.

Isn't this America? Don't we believe that all people were "created equal"? Do we not believe in human rights, civil rights? How can we stand by and allow human beings to become props in this megalomaniac's reality TV show?

We are talking about a man that has said he was "honored" to the KKK, a man who has allowed dangerous criminals to go unscathed because of his obsession with targeting undocumented immigrants and a man who's ego and power are spiralling quickly out of control

There must be vigilance of Sheriff Joe, otherwise what comes next? As Duke at the Santcuary stated earlier today:

Forced marches in chains, outdoor tent cities surrounded by electrified fences, forced labor on chain gangs as punishment for misbehavior ... all that's missing from this nightmare scene are the search lights and trained attack dogs....but who knows, maybe Arpaio has those also.

Sheriff Joe must be held accountable. CLICK HERE to sign a petition demanding that the Department of Justice investigate Arpaio and his racist, xenophobic and hateful tactics. We must demand an end to this. We will not allow extremism and racism to be tolerated. The need for comprehensive immigration reform is URGENT, otherwise these loose canons like Sheriff Joe will continue to exploit immigrants.