State and Local Round-UP

  • NC: 287(g) Up and Running in Hendersonville - Henderson County Sheriff's Office Deputies arrest three undocumented immigrants on Tuesday, the first day their new 287(g) program began. Click here for article.  
  • MO: New Legislation Targets Illegal Immigration Gov. Matt Blunt signed legislation Monday that creates new restrictions on immigrants and new requirements for businesses that employ them. Lawmakers passed the bill on the final day of their annual session under a threat from Blunt that he would call a special session if no bill were passed. Click here for article.
  • VA: The Examiner: Montgomery declines police support to federal agents on immigration raids: Montgomery County is the only county in the Washington area that wouldn't automatically provide local police protection for federal agents conducting a workplace immigration raid. In Anne Arundel County, local authorities sent 50 police officers for a recent raid that netted dozens of suspected illegal immigrants last week. Click here for article.
  • CO: the Denver Post, Immigrant-Rights Groups Plan Massive Rally - A coalition of immigrant-rights advocates plans to hold a massive parade and rally during the Democratic National Convention. Click here for article.
  • KS: The Wichita Eagle, High Court Rejects Tuition-Law Case - The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to review a case challenging a 2004 Kansas law allowing some illegal immigrants living in the state to receive in-state tuition to public universities and colleges. Click here for article.