State and Local Round-up

Arizona - Court ruling clouds use of E-Verify – The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday ruled that discrepancies found in "no- match" letters the Social Security Administration sent to Aramark, the employer in the 2003 case, "does not automatically mean that an employee is undocumented or lacks proper work authorization." Read full article here. Kansas - ‘Failed’ federal policy costs $1M – Taxpayers spent upward of $1 million and thousands of eligible Kansans lost their health insurance because of federal anti-illegal immigration rules that ended up catching one illegal immigrant trying to apply for health coverage, officials said Wednesday. Read full article here.

North Carolina - Immigration bills stall despite push – Only two laws related to immigration are likely to pass the General Assembly this year despite increased pressure from activists on the topic, legislative leaders said Wednesday. Read full article here.

Virginia -  Hearing looks at those who immigrate – Article on the Hearing in Roanoke VA. Read full article here.

Texas - Harris County jailers will train at ICE center –  The Harris County Sheriff's Office plans to send nine jailers to Glynco, Ga., in August for special immigration training that will allow them to question inmates about their immigration status and hold them for federal agents, officials said Tuesday. Read full article here.