State and Local Round-up

NC: Protest held against immigration measure : More than 100 members of the Southern Human Rights Organizer conference organized in front of the Wake County Jail Saturday to protest against Wake County's 287-G program.


NE: Aguilar concerned about burden on local police of immigration enforcement : Some people have suggested that the Nebraska Legislature might consider having local police departments enforce federal immigration laws and providing more direct money for English classes to help immigrants assimilate into American society.

CT: Will Obama put ICE deal on ice?: In Danbury, supporters of the program hope 287(g) will remain intact and fully funded. Detractors of the program hope the new administration takes a close look at it.

ID: Our View: It's not the time for immigration bills in Idaho: Two North Idaho legislators seem determined to recycle an ill-conceived anti-immigration bill, a fatally patch-and-scratch approach to a problem that needs to be solved at the federal level.