State and Local Round-up

TX: HOUSTON CHRONICLE: DPS cracks down on undocumented immigrants In a clampdown on undocumented immigrants, the Texas Department of Public Safety has adopted a new policy requiring noncitizens to prove they are in this country legally before they can obtain or renew a driver's license. Gov. Rick Perry applauded the change, which went into effect Oct. 1, as a way to strengthen the state's security.

UT: SALT LAKE TRIBUNE: Task force meets on immigration  - The task force convened in the southern Utah city to gather response from government officials and residents of Washington and Sevier counties to Senate Bill 81, set to go into law in July 2009, which requires public employers and public contractors to verify the identity of workers by checking Social Security numbers with an electronic database.

VA: WASHINGTON POST: ICE Slow to Deport Detained - Immigrants detained as part of the stepped-up enforcement effort in Virginia stay in the country far longer than they should because of a detention and deportation system beset by waste and dysfunction, according to lawyers, detainee accounts and observations of courtroom proceedings.

VA: WASHINGTON POST: The Profit of Detention - A clearing in the woods between this small town's water treatment plant and a metal salvage yard soon will be transformed into what could become the largest immigration detention facility in the mid-Atlantic region, a $21 million project fueled by the aggressive policies some Virginia localities have adopted toward identifying illegal immigrants and handing them over to the federal government.