STAND UP! SPEAK OUT! April 10, 2006... and into 2007...

dvd.jpg We have launched a national call for events furing the April Congressional Recess and on April 10th, to push for an end to the raids and deportations, and in support of comprehensive immigration reform. Join the call at

April 10th is also a day to remember and keep alive the energy and action that was brought forth 4/10/06, and indeed all throughout the spring of last year.

You may have already seen it, but this is really worth posting again- check out this project on the mobilizations of 2006:

¡Gigante: Despierta! / Giant: Awake! 

Giant: Awake! is a DVD compilation of compelling short films chronicling the historic immigrant rights marches of 2006 and the events that led up to them. The DVD includes 2 hours of footage and interviews from across the United States, as well as special features including a music video and a gallery of poster art.

We are also gearing up for a grassroots campaign to document this year's mobilization. Community screenings of ¡Gigante: Despierta! are being organized nationwide to precede the immigrant rights mobilizations of 2007.

We invite you to set up your own screening in your local community center, worker center, home or school. Our website ( provides ready to print posters as well as an easy sign-up page to help publicize the screenings.

The DVD is priced on a sliding scale and will ship at the beginning of April. Simply go to and click on the "make a donation" button.  Feel free to contact with questions: email: info AT call: 1.607.351.5559