Spanish Language could play a Key role in the Upcoming Election

There is an article at the Huffington Post today that discusses the importace of Spanish Language advertising to court Latino voters for both John McCain and Barack Obama.

Given the potential impact for both sides, Spanish-language ads could well wind up becoming notable for reasons beyond their anticipated historic number, as the parties' political messaging to the Latino community looks destined to become more substantive and issue-oriented than in past cycles. And, as it happens, the issues in play for that community -- Obama's biography and McCain's desire to hoist the maverick mantle -- are ones that stoke interest in the wider electorate, as well.

While George Bush badly outspent his Democratic rivals in 2000 and 2004 with paid media, he also skated through the community's vetting process by articulating broad, uplifting themes. By contrast, the increasingly contentious politics of immigration mean that Latino voters will expect more detail from Obama and McCain this year.

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