Join David Neiwert, and countless other individuals in sinking the SAVE Act. David wrote a great post at Firedoglake on reasons we all need to speak out against the SAVE act,

 If there were political booby prizes handed out each year -- something like the Razzies for the Beltway set -- the award for Worst Legislation Proposed by a Democrat this year would have to go to Heath Shuler's misbegotten "SAVE Act, an attempt to pass a "deportation only" approach to the immigration issue. Of course, it not only reflects the worldview of the anti-immigrant wing of the party, headed by Rahm Emanuel, but it's a profoundly bad piece of legislation.

Among its more awful provisions, you may recall, are "verification" measures that essentially would require every American to get an OK from the federal government every time they get a new job or change jobs.

and provided the NAMES and contact info of all the reps that we need to email, call and target in this fights! Check out the list at the bottom of the post.

 The SAVE Act is a slap in the face to the American worker, immigrants, and everyone who believes in COMPREHENSIVE reform of our broken system.