Sign of the Times


Last week, America's Voice posted on the the "signs" that point to comprehensive immigration reform in the upcoming year.

The signs of the times point decisively to comprehensive immigration reform getting ready to move, and soon. Just what are they?

  1. President-elect Obama campaigned with a promise to begin work on comprehensive reform during his first year in office and has not backed away from this.
  2. The Obama Transition Team chose a team of solid Immigration experts to staff one of only seven Policy Working Groups formed to advise the new administration.
  3. Key appointments and leaders to join the new administration are strong on comprehensive reform. (Solis, LaHood, Napolitano, Muñoz, and more)
  4. Senator Reid's encouraging immigration statements, confirmed again on Sunday's Meet the Press bode well for action on immigration.
  5. Majority Leader Reid's inclusion of an immigration placeholder bill as one of his first top ten bills (No. 9 here) is a concrete first step.
  6. Bush's exit interview shows that waiting is not an option.

Some Republican leaders, including Senator John McCain, are moving quickly to attempt to reform their party's hard-line stance on immigration, as mentioned yesterday in The Hill.