Seven year-old ripped from bed by ICE and detained for 10 hours

Kebin Reyes, US citizen age 7 ,was sleeping soundly when ICE officials raided his family's home at 6 am in the morning. ICE stormed into the house to take Kebin's father, Noe, away. Kebin's father showed the ICE officials Kebin's US passport and asked for a chance to arrange for family members to take him, but ICE simply handcuffed Noe and had Kebin place his arms behind his back - taking hte two into detention. I don't need to tell you this is outrageous. Most americans can agree that this child should never have been ripped from his family and detained - but what many don't know is that there are thousands of kids like Kebin whose homes are being raided each night, who are being detained, who are being held in prisons in Hutto detention center in Texas.

The only way they will know if we spread the story, on blogs, in churches, in schools- ICE operations must be exposed for what the truly are: the trampling of all of our rights.

The Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights, the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California, the ACLU Immigrant Rights Project and a private law firm have filed a lawsuit on behalf of the boy - learn more about the story HERE

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