Send Help to Victims of CO Raids


Message from San Luis Valley Immigrant Resource Center

Alamosa, CO

Your financial help needed for families affected by ICE Raids in Center, CO!

I am writing on behalf of the SLV Immigrant Resource Center in Alamosa,

Colorado. My name is Flora Archuleta and I am the Executive Director. As

many of you are aware there was a raid on Tuesday, April 17th at Worley &

McCullough Potato Farm and Processing Plant in Monte Vista, Colorado.

Nineteen people were detained, eight women, ten men and one juvenile male.


A fund has been established at the Alamosa State Bank in Alamosa, Colorado

to help the families affected by the raid. 

Monetary Donations can me mailed to:

“Familia Fund” c/o SLV Immigrant Resource Center, P.O. Box 1534, Alamosa, CO


Donations can also be made by calling the Alamosa State Bank at:

719-589-2564, to send money directly to the “Familia Fund”. 

All money will go to families affected by the raid to help pay rent, utilities, food,

clothing and basic necessities.


In the last couple of days, we have met with ten families that have been 

directly impacted. One of the families impacted is a Guatemalan father and

his three children. The mother is one of the persons detained by immigration

on Tuesday. The father is now left with the entire responsibility to care

for his three children who are American citizens, because they were born in

the U.S. 

The following are questions that were asked by the children:

“What is going to happen to my mother, why was she arrested, am I going to be

arrested, am I going to have to go to Guatemala, where is Guatemala?”


Please don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions.


Flora Archuleta, Executive Director

SLV Immigrant Resource Center

225 6th Street, Suite B

P.O. Box 1534

Alamosa, CO 81101

phone-719-587-3225 ext. 11

fax- 719-587-0045

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