Senate votes today on first round of amendments

Today we anticipate three amendments to be voted on:

- an amendment to deny the earned income tax credit to legalized immigrants (Sen. Ensign, R-NV)

- an amendment to deny access to the courts and judicial review for some immigrants (Sen. Cornyn, R-TX)

- an amendment to strike the guest worker provisions from the Senate bill (Sen. Dorgan, D-ND)

Call your senators using this toll-free number: 1-800-417-7666 

This process is fluid and may change, but the key message today to your Senators follows:

"Vote against the Ensign, Cornyn and Dorgan amendments.  The Ensign amendment is an unfair attack on hard working immigrants; the Cornyn amendment is an unnecessary attack on judicial review; the Dorgan amendment goes too far, we need to fix the guestworker program to ensure a path to citizenship and worker rights."