Senate Update on CIR

From the Desk of Rich Stolz, Co-Director of FIRM  - Things haven't quite settled into a path in the Senate yet, but negotiators are moving ahead on developing a list of Republican and Democratic amendments for a possible return to the Senate floor in the coming days.  There are likely to be a couple new amendments to improve the family provisions in the bill around parents and number of points for family members, but there are likely to be amendments to eliminate the probationary status undocumented immigrants could receive prior to the triggers betting met, a second "touch back" provision as a requirement to receive a Z-Visa, and an amendment to limit eligiblity for Z-Visas to undocumented immigrants that have been in the country for more than four years.  FIRM has its own amendment wish list that we've shared with Sen. Reid's staff (for more information please e-mail me at  Part of the deal described in the article below is the likelihood of a supplemental appropriations bill that would immediately fund a range of border security proposals.