Senate Amendment Update

Senate Amendment Update

Sen. Thomas of Wyoming passed away last night, and the Senate set aside time to memorialize the Senator this morning.  As a result there were only a couple amendments that were voted on this afternoon.  (Note: Last night, the Senate passed S 1166 (Sen. Grassley) by unanimous consent, which will remove judicial review for revoked visas.)

S 1189 (Sen. Allard) failed on a vote of 31 yeas and 62 nays, and would have made it much more difficult for Z-Visa holders to attain legal permanent residence status through the proposed point system.

S 1231 (Sen. Durbin) passed on a vote of 71 yeas and 22 nays, and will strengthen labor protections in the Y-Visa program and ensure that Y-visa employers make all efforts to recruit American workers before employing Y-Visa holders.

S 1170 (Sen. McConnell) failed on a vote of 41 yeas and 52 nays, and would have required voters to provide identification in order to vote.

Then the Senators got into it over Majority Leader Reid's attempt to file a cloture motion (a procedural motion to end debate that has to be filed, then given a couple days to "ripen").  The cloture motion, once ripened, requires 60 votes to pass and end debate, which clears the way for a vote on the actual bill.  Negotiations are under way to determine how much time will be needed for the Senate to debate more amendments, and which amendments. 

These are the pending amendments from earlier today, minus those that were debated and voted on today.  Dozens more are waiting in the wings.

·           Cornyn (#1184, as modified): undermines legalization, due process.  Oppose.

·           Menendez-Hagel (#1194): rectifies family backlog unfairness.  Support.

·           McConnell (#1170): voter ID requirement.  Oppose.

·           Dodd-Menendez (#1199): increase green cards for parents of U.S. citizens.  Support.

·           Sessions (1234, 1235): deny earned income tax credit to immigrants.  Oppose.

·           Lieberman (#1191): provide safeguards, asylum and detention.  Support.

·           Cornyn (#1250): undermins confidentiality in the legalization program.  Oppose.

·           Clinton-Hagel (#1183, as modified): promote immediate family unification.  Support.

·           Obama-Menendez (#1202): point system sunset.  Support.