SAFE Act Nothing But a Heartless Attack on Immigrant Families


For Immediate Release: Tuesday, June 18, 2013Contact: For English language Media: Donna De La Cruz,, 202-339-9331, 202-441-3798 (cell) For Spanish language Media: Ricardo Ramírez,, 202-339-9371, 202-905-1738 (cell)

CLARIFICATION: This version corrects that the amendment by Steve King to limit prosecutorial discretion that essentially eliminates the Deferred Action program for DREAMers was approved, but the bill remains in markup.

(WASHINGTON)—The House Judiciary Committee today voted 20-15 to pass the amendment sponsored by Rep. Steve King to the SAFE Act that limits prosecutorial discretion and essentially eliminates the Deferred Action program for DREAMers. The following is a statement from Kica Matos, Fair Immigration Reform Movement spokesperson:

“Today, families and immigrant leaders brought their faces and voices into the hearing room demanding that legislators work to keep immigrant families together, not criminalize them. Instead, the Republican Party not only rejected those pleas, but they also added an amendment basically saying ‘we are going to deport your kids.’  Immigrant families across the country are appalled by how out of touch the Republican Party has become. They are rejecting our humanity and ignoring our rapidly growing voting power.”

“This vicious attack on our families will not be forgotten.  Immigrant families deserve respect and compassion; not to be continuously demagogued to appeal to the ever narrowing minority of the anti-brown, anti-immigrant minority.”

"We will continue fighting for a good, compassionate immigration reform bill that keeps families together and contains a real pathway to citizenship. We will not be deterred by Steve King, the sponsor of the amendment, and his small hateful band of lawmakers.”