Roundtable rocks!

Journalist Juan Williams moderates the first panel on the Old America and New America. "How'd we get here?" he asks. The audience is responding just as vocally as they did to the earlier rallying cries. "Yes!", "Whooo!" (Sorry for not getting Representative Luis Guitterrez in my photo to the left: see photo below. He's speaking so powerfully, folks know he's here!)

The best part of being in a room full of organizers is that they don't hesitate to yell "Louder!" when they can't hear the speaker. And they don't stop 'til they can!

Props to Juan Williams to continually reminding the panelists to focus on what people here (and you out there) can do to realize the change we seek.

Man, if you could tap into all this pent up energy in here right now! Get ready America!