Response to Discharge Petition

For Immediate Release: March 26, 2014
Contact: Ricardo Ramírez,

WASHINGTON -- See below for a statement from the Fair Immigration Reform Movement, (FIRM) the nation's largest coalition of immigrant-rights organizations, on behalf of Kica Matos:

"The discharge petition is a lifeline for Republicans. They can either stop the family-separation crisis they've enabled by moving, or face absolute, long-term irrelevance in elections for years to come.

"Passing immigration reform is the moral imperative of our time: The GOP's delay translates into widespread pain in our communities, and their aftermath of separated families will not soon be forgotten. At the same time, it's a political imperative. No serious political analysis shows a path to the White House for Republicans without clearing the way for reform.

"If the GOP will not support a petition, they must show leadership and move on a plan - urgently - that will keep families together. Inaction is not an option.

"Speaker Boehner would be smart to stop the family separation crisis gripping our communities, and give his party a fighting chance in future elections."


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