Republicans Have Enabled Hate Speech – History Will Judge Them Harshly

Anti-immigrant Leader With Ties to GOP Calls for President to Be Lynched

WASHINGTON – The nation’s largest immigrant-rights coalition, the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), released the statement below on behalf of Kica Matos in response to hate-filled statements about President Obama by Stephen Steinlight, of the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS). CIS provides Congressional Republicans and the Tea Party rely with hateful, anti-immigrant propaganda. The statement was picked up by Imagine 2050 and America’s Voice:

“Steinlight’s appalling, hateful, and dangerous rhetoric must be condemned far and wide – they simply have no place in public discourse. But the problem is bigger than the statement. It’s that the violent rhetoric is part of a broader pattern within the GOP.

“Hateful remarks like these are part of a noticeable effort coming from leading Republicans to dehumanize everyone they hate – from President Obama to immigrant communities. Just last week, Tea Party leader and former presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann attacked children fleeing violence, comparing them to rapists and criminals. Republicans are hoping to unify their base, not through solutions that compete in the political arena, but through hatred, violent rhetoric, and by scaring children who are fleeing for their lives. Indeed, within the GOP ranks, Mr. Steinlight is hardly alone.

“The Republican calculation, we can only presume, is to prop up their fledgling, shrinking, and divided base by abandoning immigrant families, children fleeing violence, and honorable public discourse.

“History will judge the GOP harshly for being the party that encourages violent rhetoric. Unfortunately for them, they’re already losing: Our families are more organized and energized than their anti-children hate squads. We will not be deterred from our fight – not even when they resort to activating their base through hatred.”