Release: GOP Launches Full Scale Attack on Immigrants Through Mandatory E-Verify

For Immediate Release: Wednesday, June 15, 2011Contact: Burke Stansbury,, 202-339-9304

GOP Launches Full Scale Attack on Immigrants Through Mandatory E-Verify Immigration Grassroots to Mobilize All-Out Effort in Response

Washington DC – Yesterday, Representative Lamar Smith (TX) and other Republican members of Congress introduced a new bill to radically expand immigration enforcement at American workplaces. The bill mandates that all businesses take on the burden of using a computer system known as “E-Verify” to process the employment eligibility of every employee. The following is a statement by Marissa Graciosa of the Fair Immigration Reform Movement:

“The Republican-led Congress is launching a full-scale attack on immigrant workers. The radical mandate will interfere with the way businesses hire employees and is part of a series of bills aimed at firing, jailing, deporting, intimidating, and driving away immigrant workers and their families.

The reality is that we need immigrant workers to have a path to legalization so they can continue to contribute to America’s economic stability and growth. These politicians, trying to look tough on immigration, are disconnected from reality, and don’t know what harm they would do to the American people with this bill. If E-Verify is mandated for every business in the country, millions of immigrant workers would be fired, which will likely mean finding work in an underground, cash economy, making these workers even more vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.

E-verify is not a realistic solution, nor is it a vision America wants to see. Tougher laws make no sense without a sensible way for undocumented immigrant workers and families to adjust their status. Mass firings of millions of farmworkers, service workers and other immigrants will cripple many American industries and devastate our fragile economic recovery. America needs a rational solution to get all employees onto the tax rolls, restore the rule of law, and fix the immigration system. E-Verify will only make the situation worse for all Americans.”


FIRM (Fair Immigration Reform Movement) is a coalition of more than 200 of the country’s largest and most active state and local immigration advocacy groups representing nearly every state. It is convened by the Center for Community Change.