Re-thinking the Paradigm: Thoughts on Migration in the 21st century

Philip Kretsedemas, author of "Keeping Out the Other: An Introduction to Immigration Enforcement Today", has recently published an article exploring how he thinks immigration policy can be effectively shaped. The article, "What's Different About the Immigration Problem We Face Today--And What Can Be Done About It?" was published yesterday on the History News Network.

Kretsedemas approaches the issue by putting current migration patterns in context, using the history of migration to the United States.

He also criticizes the concept of "border security" as the central focus of the debate.

...the debate around undocumented migration still seems to be lodged in a paradigm that is organized around border control. Although this emphasis is not entirely misplaced, it also tends to produce distorted explanations of undocumented migration and ineffective strategies for controlling undocumented migration.

He ends the article with his own proposition of a multi-pronged approach that includes:

* Tracking and decriminalizing legal status violations

* Revisiting current immigration quotas

* Eliminating exploitative hiring practices

* Cross-national planning