Raids in Colorado!

Last Wednesday Precast, a company in Loveland, Colorado, was raided by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. At least 18 people were arrested. The Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition and Fuerza Latina have been offering help to the families of those affected by the raids.

From a joint press release denouncing the raids:


"Raids are not the solution to the outdated and dysfunctional U.S. immigration system," said Kim Medina of Fuerza Latina, a social justice organization in Ft. Collins and Loveland, "We need a complete reform of our immigration laws. The criminalization of immigrants is a mean-spirited publicity stunt that only causes more pain and suffering for everyone."

CIRC continues to call on President Bush, the Colorado Congressional Delegation and the Presidential candidates to take a stand for humane and rational immigration policy and to put an immediate stop to these reckless raids that have done nothing to fix the unjust immigration system. Dividing families, sewing fear in communities and criminalizing workers is an insult to our nation's values.