Raid McDonald's

"We feel we Latinos have been bushwhacked, charred and ICE'd by our government," said Gilbert Cortez, president of Casa Latina Centro de Informacion, one of the groups that organized the meeting. "This land belongs to God and not to the United States."

54 workers were taken in raids on 11 McDonald's restaurants late last week. The community will not cower. Organizations in Northern Nevada are organizing a three day boycott of businesses in Northern Nevada and a mobilization Wednesday at noon.

Luis Caceres, general director of the Sociedad De Salvadorenos Unidos De Nevada Cooperando Con Atiquizaya, said the proposed action is to draw attention to the fact that immigrant workers are here to work and raise families.

"If work is a crime, accuse me of committing a crime," he said. "Because of the reform that didn't pass, we're paying for it. Our families are being divided and our people are being prosecuted because they didn't have any papers."

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