RAID in Washington State: Call to ACTION!

ice-raid1 Yesterday, the Obama administration decided against "change we can believe in" and, instead continued the Bush legacy. In Bellingham, Washington, an engine remanufacturing plant was raided by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. 28 undocumented workers were arrested.

"They arrived in force," said Asiff Dhanani, a co-owner of the company at 2020 E. Bakerview Road. "They surrounded the whole perimeter."

Most of the workers detained were taken off in handcuffs, Dhanani said, except for three women who apparently were processed and released because they had children in local schools or daycare centers. The 28 made up about one-third of the engine remanufacturing company's production force.

After so many Latino and New American voters showed up at the polls to vote for Obama, after promises of changes to immigration policy and after countless recent reports that Bush-era immigration enforcement tactics are both financially and humanely costly, I CANNOT believe the administration is allowing this to happen.  In this time of economic hardship it is completely unacceptable for the Obama administration to be executing raids on our workers, businesses and communities- it is time for him to hear from us.

We must fight back against this first workside raid.  We must tell the Obama Administration:

Stop the Raids, Pass Just and Humane Immigration Reform

CALL the WHITE HOUSE NOW- 202-456-1414  and tell President Barack Obama:

  • The raid in Washington state is unacceptable, and hurts all of our communities.
  • He must stop the raids, and pass comprehensive immigration reform - NOW!.


FAX a letter to: 202-456-2461

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