Pulitzer-prize Winning Former Journalist Arrested


WASHINGTON – The nation’s largest immigrant-rights coalition, the Fair Immigration Movement (FIRM), released the following statement on behalf of Kica Matos after reports that Pulitzer-prize winning former journalist Jose Antonio Vargas was detained by Customs and Border Patrol:

“Jose’s detainment is another egregious example of an out-of-control system that works every day to break communities and families apart.

“The act of detaining Jose highlights the urgent need to enact comprehensive immigration reform. Jose is an accomplished communicator – and a Pulitzer-prize winning journalist – who has dedicated his career to creating sensible dialogue about critical immigration issues. Detaining him tells our communities – millions of young people who know no other country but this – that they can play by the rules, pay their taxes and work to get ahead, but that our government may still refuse to accept them, and worse, detain them and possibly take them from their families.

“This is the unnecessary tragedy that millions of parents and children fear every day. And it is the tragedy that our families will fight to end. We demand Jose’s release, but we must do much more. We call on President Obama to do his part for our families so that they won’t have to suffer the fear and tragedy of needless separation.  We support the young people Jose got arrested for today and insist they treated fairly and humanely.”