Protect Dreamers Now

Protect Dreamers Now

 (WASHINGTON)— Kica Matos, spokesperson for the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), issued the statement below after Senators Durbin (D-IL) and Graham (R-SC) introduced the bipartisan Dream Act of 2017:

“An entire generation is counting on lawmakers to do the right thing both on the immediate threats to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and on passing a clean DREAM Act. Recently, ten state attorneys general—buoyed by the nativist wing of the GOP—urged the Administration to end DACA, an act that would derail the lives of nearly 800,000 young people who are actively contributing to their communities, working and going to school. DACA has opened a door of opportunities for a generation of immigrant youths, allowing them to live their lives without fear of deportation and those young people need assurance that the program will continue until the permanent solution, the DREAM Act, is enacted.

The introduction of the Dream Act of 2017 is a positive step and we applaud the bipartisan effort on the bill. However, we remain concerned that some in Congress will play politics and attempt to get more money for immigration enforcement. This is reckless and unacceptable and a poor reflection of our values.

Let this be a signal to all elected officials that the immigrant community is standing strong. We will not back down and we will not support a single dollar for separating families.