Pressure for Immigration Reform Holds Steady

obamaEven though immigration was hardly mentioned during the grueling campaigns this year, it is clearly becoming a large issue for the incoming President Elect, Barack Obama. Immigrants' rights advocates from all across the country are pressing the incoming administration to make good on its promise to provide  Immigration Reform in its first year. From the Boston Globe:

Before a huge crowd in San Diego last summer, Barack Obama vowed to make fixing illegal immigration a top priority as president, and Latinos nationwide responded with massive support for him on Election Day. Now, they are pressing him to keep his promise.

"We voted in large numbers for Obama," said Juan Salgado, board president of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, a nonprofit based in Chicago, Obama's training ground for immigration issues when he was a senator. "If we're sitting here two and a half years from now and absolutely nothing's been done, people are going to start asking questions."

And from the New York Post:

"We want him to stick to his campaign promises," said Marissa Graciosa, the campaign coordinator for Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM). "We know that so many Latinos and immigrants came out to vote for him. The promise was to make immigration reform a priority in the first year."

And we are holding him to that promise.