President Makes Case for Immigration Reform

Community organizers renew call for executive action to heal communities

President Obama today gave an important speech on border security and the need for comprehensive immigration reform in El Paso. The following is a statement by Marissa Graciosa, director of the Fair Immigration Reform Movement:

“We are glad to see the President devote so much time to reviving immigration reform, and bringing together Americans of diverse backgrounds to build consensus and find a way forward.

“Today, in El Paso he spoke of immigration reform as an economic imperative, and we concur. Immigrants contribute substantially, and our country is stronger because of their presence.

“It’s no small thing when the President shines the spotlight of his office on an issue. And the President today certainly added a tone of humanity and reality when he said, “We are a better nation” than one that deports people who have no other home than America. Yet, we cannot ignore that his administration has deported more immigrants than any other president. The reality is that this President can and should provide relief to our communities through executive action.  We reiterate our call for action which is detailed here:

“While the President can make executive decisions on his own, he can’t reform our dysfunctional immigration system without Congress. That will require a bipartisan effort. To Republicans we say: listen to America. America wants comprehensive immigration reform that offers immigrants an earned path to citizenship. America is telling you this in stories, like that of Kimberly Ann Istazuy-Perez who is fighting to keep her family together. America is telling you it wants immigration reform through polls. More than 72 percent of all Americans favor a path to citizenship for immigrants who pass background checks, pay fines and have jobs. Businesses are telling you they need immigration reform. In Florida, Arizona and other states, anti-immigrant bills were defeated because the business community strongly opposed them.

“Consensus couldn’t be clearer. Now it’s up to our elected officials to stop ignoring the American public and do what’s right for our immigrants, our economy and our country.”