President Obama Must Stop Family Separation Crisis


More than 72,000 U.S. Citizen Children Lost Parents to Deportation in 2013 

(WASHINGTON)--Following President Obama's remarks on immigration today, the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), the nation's largest immigrant rights coalition, released the following statement on behalf of spokesperson Kica Matos:

"This week alone, hundreds if not thousands of children will lose parents to our broken immigration system, which causes needless family separations every day. A recent report noted that more than 72,000 children lost parents to deportations in 2013 alone. Against that backdrop, President Obama and his Administration would do well in moving to provide relief to immigrant families who would otherwise live in fear of separation.

"The House GOP will permanently bear the stain of turning a blind eye while family separations ravaged immigrant communities and took parents from children at historic levels. They were given all the tools, political momentum and time that immigration reform required. But they still sided with a vocal, anti-immigrant minority instead of Latino and immigrant communities. They are even taking a delicate, humanitarian situation involving vulnerable children fleeing from violence and turning it into a partisan issue.

"Now President Obama must act. Immigration reform is a key issue for him this term and he's made clear there's a moral obligation to get this done.

"For our communities, this is the test through which we will remember President Obama. We expect him to act on the right side of history and step up to take the moral and necessary step of stopping needless family separations.

"We welcome the President's announcement and urge him to act boldly and swiftly."