President Obama makes serious commitment to immigration reform

reformIt looks like we aren't the only ones taking note of the President's leadership on this issue. Yesterday, the New York Daily News wrote about the building momentum towards immigration reform, led by President Obama. Here's how it starts out:

If there were any doubts about his commitment to immigration reform, President Obama dispelled them at a bipartisan White House meeting with members of Congress on June 25.

It goes on to cite support for reform from members of Congress and the majority of the American public (including the majority of GOP supporters). A new poll conducted by the Benenson Strategy Group shows that:

While comprehensive immigration reform has some vocal opponents, in our recent national poll, we found that the vast majority of voters (two thirds or more depending on the details) favor comprehensive immigration reform, a position that has not wavered in the face of an economic downturn.

There is widespread support for a comprehensive approach to solving the issue of illegal immigration - among all political parties, regions, ages, both genders, and those who are undecided on the 2010 Congressional race. Voters see a relationship between comprehensive immigration reform and the economy and perceive an economic and fiscal benefit to passing reform. In fact, the economic situation has increased the desire for quick action on immigration reform.

Without giving an explanation of what comprehensive reform means or consists of, nearly two thirds of voters (64%) support it. When voters are given the details of comprehensive reform (see appendix for proposal text), 86% support Congress passing comprehensive reform, with nearly 6 in 10 voters strongly supporting it. Only 7% strongly oppose the plan (14% total oppose).

While there is a very vocal group of folks who are against this legislation, they are the minority (albeit a loud one). The American public wants comprehensive immigration reform - it is now up to Congress to make it a reality and it is up to President Obama to lead the way.