Pearce Giving Up on Anti-Immigrant Agenda… for Now

Arizonans rally against SB1070

Good news out of Arizona! Senate President Russell Pearce, the author of SB1070, has finally given up on pursuing his anti-immigrant agenda this year.

It’s not for lack of want. Pearce seems to live for making the lives of immigrants miserable. But he just couldn’t muster the support he needed from his colleagues to move his extreme agenda.

According to the Arizona Daily Star:

Senate President Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, said Monday he promised colleagues not to push anti-immigrant measures until a budget was approved.

But that did not happen until April 1. And Pearce said there is now a push to wrap up the session in the next two weeks with dozens of items still awaiting action.

"I'm trying to exercise a little leadership in getting important bills out," he said. Pearce said trying to line up the votes, even for a stripped-down version of the package, would be too disruptive.

In the story, Pearce says he will try again next year. So this is far from over. Still it’s good to know that at least for this year, Arizona won’t plunge any deeper into the anti-immigrant pool.

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