Over 1,200 Pro-Immigrant Groups Sign Letter to Obama

Upon taking office, President Barack Obama was welcomed with a letter signed by over 1,200 immigrant rights groups, stressing the urgency of immigration reform and appealing to the President's own immigrant roots. obama-flag1

As the son of a Kenyan national and a woman from Kansas, you validate the American dream and we believe that your victory represents a triumph for tolerance and hope. We believe that you appreciate andgive voice to the dreams and ideals that inspire immigrants to struggle for acceptance and a better life every day.

The letter, which can be read in its entirety here, was signed by organizations from across the country who believe that comprehensive immigration reform is an urgent priority for the incoming administration.

“The urgency for reform cannot be overstated,” the letter says.  “Unless and until we recalibrate our policies, all Americans’ rights will be at risk, our communities will be divided and the power of our nation’s fundamental principle of E Pluribus Unum compromised.

The letter also noted that in the 2008 election immigrants and Latinos were decisive votes in Obama's victory and that part of their support for Obama was rooted in his promise of comprehensive reform. Looks like our new President has some promises to keep. At least 1,200 groups think so.