Outrageous Trump Plans to Separate More Families

For Immediate Release: October 18, 2017

Outrageous Trump Plans to Separate More Families

(Washington)—Kica Matos, spokesperson for the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), issued the statement below after reports broke that the Trump administration is planning to expand the number of federal immigration jails:

“More immigration detention centers means more families torn apart, more children left without their parents, and more disrupted communities. Trump took off his hood a long time ago and as a result more black and brown people are being aggressively criminalized and demonized. His plans to build more immigration jails is just another piece of his racist puzzle.

It is outrageous that this Administration would spend billions to fund the mass deportation agenda, while simultaneously pushing for cuts to programs that help people take care of their families, go see their doctors and put food on the table. Major corporations are the only entities who stand to profit from Trump’s hateful agenda. Big banks like JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo who finance private prisons will make billions of dollars off the pain of millions of people.

We demand that not a single dollar go toward separating families. We will continue to stand strong, arm in arm with our allies, to stop this deportation machine.