Outrageous low blow- ICE Attacks quiet pro-immigrant communities across America

In a disgraceful act of retaliation against pro-immigrant initiatives in the town of New Haven CT, ICE officials have spent the day raiding private homes throughout Fair Haven- a largely immigrant community within New Haven- only days after New Haven passed it's pro-immigrant Municipal ID Card. New Haven communities have been doing an incredible job of stepping in to protect children and families. I just got off the phone with Kica Matos of the Mayor's office of New Haven- 29 people have been taken, only 10 of whom have outstanding warrants. Unfortunately we only know the whereabouts of 19 of those people, 10 are unaccounted for.

As soon as officials and community advocates were informed of the raids by ICE officials - around 8am nearly 2 hours after the raids had begun - leaders and allies began flyering the Fair Haven community to let residents know their rights, they alerted schools that children may have missing parents, and churches opened their doors to families that were too afraid to go home. They also set-up call-in numbers that residents could call for help or to find loved ones. Yale law school has also stepped in to ensure that all detainees will have free legal services. Local unions are organizing a march within the next few days.

Kica Matos and the Mayor's office see this as clear retailiation on the part of ICE and the Bush Administration for their pro-immigrant proposals, including the Municipal ID card that was passed at the beginning of this week by a near unanimous vote of 25-1.

This a low blow from ICE, and frankly it is disgraceful. These bulling tactics against pro-immigrant towns is unacceptable!

Just yesterday we received word that ICE officials were raiding Painesville, OH- another peaceful, pro-immigrant town that is known in the Northwest region of Ohio for it's program immigrant stance. 

ICE is targeting pro-immigrant communities, and we cannot sit by and allow them to trample our communities and attack our values. 

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