Outrageous Attack on Immigrant Families Fails in the Senate

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, February 3, 2015Contact: Bernardita M. Yunis Varas, byunisvaras@communitychange.org, 202.339.9377 Donna De La Cruz, ddelacruz@communitychange.org 202.339.9331

FIRM Praises Senators Who Voted No on Anti-Immigrant Measures, Calls for Funding Bill that Protects Immigrant Families

WASHINGTON—The Senate today voted down the House’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Appropriations Bill with anti-immigrant riders that would have defunded DHS in order to block relief for millions of immigrant families, workers and youth. The Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) praised Senators who voted against the divisive bill and called on Senate leadership to stop playing politics with our families’ lives and our nation’s security. It’s time to take up and pass a bill to keep DHS operating without anti-immigration policy measures.

FIRM spokesperson Kica Matos released the following statement:

“This is an important win and it is now time to end this political theater and get on with the business of governing. This outrageous assault on immigrant families is a despicable attempt by Republicans to block the President’s immigration action that would help up to five million people. The Republican tactics to try to derail the President’s action are outrageous and show that immigrants and families don't matter to these politicians. This assault on immigrant families will backfire on Republicans as our communities come out to vote in 2016. Our families will not forget which politicians stand with them.

We applaud the Democratic Senators who voted against this bill and demonstrated their support for our families. We thank them for taking a stand against anti-immigrant measures that hurt our communities and break up our families.

We also praise Republican Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada who saw this political charade for what it is and understands that our families deserve dignity, respect and equal rights. Our movement of immigrant families and allies praises all the lawmakers who believe these immoral attacks on immigrant families are irresponsible governing that is also bad for our economy and our nation as a whole.”


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