Our Message to Senators: No Compromise with White Supremacy

For Immediate Release: February 14, 2018

Our Message to Senators: No Compromise with White Supremacy

 (WASHINGTON)—Kica Matos, spokesperson for the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), issued the statement below to clarify FIRM’s position on recent negotiations:

“Has Congress gone mad? Senators are considering dangerous immigration provisions that would create a pathway to citizenship for some undocumented immigrant youth, while severely restricting family reunification, ramping up immigration enforcement and funding a ridiculous wall that will further harm border communities. This is yet another attempt to hold immigrant youth hostage in exchange for a brutal, racist agenda. Let's be clear: this is a declaration of war on immigrant families and our communities.                       

This is not a DACA fix, it is a mass deportation bill that will rip families apart and destroy entire communities. It will provide Trump with billions of dollars to enforce his racist vision. Any senator who votes for it is endorsing Trumps white supremacist immigration policy.

This bill will change our country from one of laws, decency and progress into a militarized police state. If this bill passes, federal officers will keep people of color in line by asking us to prove we belong here with ID checks. History will not look fondly on Senators who vote for Trump's and Stephen Miller's brutal version of America where people of color are second class citizens who must prove their right to exist—or be locked up.

Senators should be on notice that we will remember and name those who led and voted for the most vicious attack on human and civil rights in this country in almost a century.”