Oregon Demands Debate on Immigration Reform in the Senate

Groups are mobilizing across the country to hold their senators accountable for a real debate on immigration reform in the Senate. As we said before, Senator Reid is preparing for a vote to allow a debate on the Senate floor for immigration reform. This isn't a vote on a piece of legislation, but a vote to allow debate in the Senate. We deserve dialogue out in the open! CAUSA is joining groups across the country in holding vigils and demonstrations at the Senator's offices to demand a debate. If you're organization is doing actions this week, send us your info!

The Senate is poised to debate immigration reform this week and now is the time to pressure Senator Smith to do the right thing!  We will be sending out more messages than usual this week to keep you up to date on fast-breaking news and call on you to take action on key votes. 

Tuesday, May 15 Rally:  Vote to move forward on comprehensive immigration reform

5 pm

Senator Smith's office, 121 SW Salmon (corner of SW 1st and Salmon)

Thursday, May 17 Rally:  Demand Action:  Protect Workers, Families, and Citizenship

5 pm

Senator Smith's office, 121 SW Salmon (corner of SW 1st and Salmon)

Call-in numbers:  1-800-417-7666 (for instructions in Spanish call 1-800-882-2005)


Recent backroom negotiations between Republican and Democratic senators and senior Bush administration officials threaten our principles and represent a thinly disguised version of the anti-worker, anti-family plan put forward by the Bush administration in early April.  We need the Senate to take immigration reform out of backroom negotiations and onto the Senate floor. 

On Wednesday morning, the Senate will vote on a "motion to proceed" with the immigration debate, and our Tuesday rally will call for Senator Smith to support moving the immigration debate foward.  While the proposed starting place will be the contents of the deeply flawed S. 2611 (the bill that passed the Senate last year), it is essential that the debate happen in public so we can fight for amendments to fix it.

The Thursday rally and future e-mails will spotlight some of the key votes ahead in the immigration debate, including:  eliminating S. 2611's 3-tiered legalization program, ensuring a reasonable path to citizenship for current and future immigrants, protecting family-based immigration, providing adequate worker protections, and improving due process provisions.  We will also fight against unrealistic, punitive "triggers" that would condition a legalization program on the completion of border security measures.

For more information, read PCUN President Ramon Ramirez' Op-Ed in Sunday's Statesman Journal:  http://www.statesmanjournal.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2007705130334

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