One eye on the House, One eye on the Reid postpones vote

I'll have to save most of my posting today for the afternoon because FIRM is heading to the hill to keep an eye on Congress... In the House this morning I'll be attending the Judiciary subcommittee hearing on becoming Americans, US immigrant integration- I'm very excited to hear the testimony they've chosen for these hearings.... These hearings are leading up to a possible floor debate in the House this June. those debates can only happen if the Senate is able to pass bi-partisan legislation...

... It looks like the Seante will only be able to pass bi-partisan legislation if Senator Kennedy and other democrats are able to reach a deal with the White House on an immigration bill. Though we anticipated that Senator Reid would bring a vote to the Senate TODAY on deciding IF the Senate will have a floor debate (and a future vote on a piece of legislation) aka a vote of cloture, it appears that that vote will delayed... to as early as Monday.

This only gives us more time to call our Senators and let them know- NO FAMILY, NO DEAL! Guestworker, NO DEAL! I bet you can think of some more, right?

PLEASE USE the 800 number we posted below, share it with friends, coworkers, churches, family members- call early, call often- all that matters is that we make our voices heard!

For more info  on the postponement of the vote check out this article from Congress Daily AM:

   Negotiators have agreed to a separate legalization program for agriculture workers similar to the "AgJobs" bill and to including the "DREAM" Act for illegal students in the final bill. (See related story below.) Immigrants currently holding "temporary protected status" visas for refugees also would be converted to a "Z visa" that would be created for the illegal population.    Martinez acknowledged that Democrats might have difficulty agreeing to send guestworkers home when their visas expire. "I think there's grudging acquiescence that that's probably the way it's going to go," he said.  "When you come as a guestworker, you come as a guestworker. It's not a vehicle for immigration. You come here to work."    Still outstanding in negotiations is the number of overall green cards that would be allowed annually, a decision that represents the linchpin of any new immigration policy. Immigrant advocates argue that if the number is too small, green card processing could be backed up for decades. Conservatives argue that if the number is too large, the population of low-skilled workers will grow exponentially.    Democrats, meanwhile, are focused on ensuring that the point system for determining the priority of green card applicants gives considerable credit to applicants who have family in the United States.    "I would consider the point system if, in fact, people get extra points for family reunification," Reid said Tuesday.  By Fawn Johnson