On Day President Obama Meets with Immigrant Families, Senate Judiciary Members Overwhelmingly Pass Bill out of Committee

Hours after President Obama and Vice President Biden met with immigrant families, Senate Judiciary members overwhelmingly passed the immigration reform bill out of committee by a vote of 13-5. "Our country's immigrant families have become an unshakable force to be reckoned with in Washington,” said Kica Matos, spokesperson for the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM). “Today FIRM families met with President Obama at the Oval Office -- a first for any president -- and then they witnessed the successful passage of immigration reform in the Judiciary Committee.”

“This is not a coincidence, but the fruit of strenuous, constant work, struggle, and organizing. Our families will continue to be out in force for the remainder of the process, until President Obama signs into law an immigration bill that keeps families together and paves a path to citizenship,” Matos added. “Too many mothers have been ripped away from their children. Too many children fear losing their parents. This is when the fear and separation stops. Our families will not be separated, and we will prevail."

Mehdi Mahraoui of New York was one of the seven people who met with Obama and Biden today, and then went to Capitol Hill to continue the daily presence FIRM families have had every day there has been a markup session.

“The President urged us to continue telling our stories to the American public, and we will do just that,” said Mahraoui, affiliated with the New York Immigrant Coalition, a FIRM member. “As a DREAM student, I have a path to citizenship but my parents do not. This is why I will continue to tell my story and the stories of countless others.”