Ohio Solidarity- 160 taken in poultry raid

Yesterday we spoke with advocates in Ohio as they responded swiftly to the raids hitting a major poultry plant- Koch Foods. These major raids on workers are terrifying and painful for communities across the country. We know that folks throughout the immigrant rights movement are standing in solidarity with these individuals and we hope that folks from other social justice movements will begin to speak more openly and more fervently against this form of attack. This event also brings to light a larger spreading problem for immigrant communities from coast to coast. ICE seems to be holding fewer, or more spread out major workplace raids such as this, perhaps to avoid media backlash. Instead they seem to be rolling out more and more home raids and smaller scale operations where they are taking countless individuals in the middle of night, with little media coverage or public attention. This form of raid is just as hurtful as the bigger workplace raids that grab the pubic imagination- it is time that we collect more information and build awareness about these tactics that are just as devastating.

RaidsFIRM Admin