O.E.C.D.’s Report Encourages the Passage of Immigration Bill

A new study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (O.E.C.D.) finds that supposed “financial burden” of immigration is largely overstated, with immigration to the U.S. having “close to zero” fiscal impact. One of the most misleading arguments against immigration reform oftentimes is based on a financial burden that some immigration opponents say new arrivals put on governments. This misconception can create a false public opinion that immigrants take much more than they put in to the American economy. O.E.C.D. official Jean-Christophe Dumont stated, in fact, that immigrant are actually big contributors to the economy as they pay taxes and support a wide range of labor needs. This report supports the argument that a pathway to citizenship will allow undocumented immigrants adequate access to the labor market, which will make a positive fiscal impact on U.S. economy. For more information: http://cfor.cc/14yJEB8