Enough with the Excuses: Speaker Boehner, Stop Separating our Families


For Immediate Release: Thursday, February 6, 2014Contact: Ricardo A. Ramírez, 202-339-9371, rramirez@communitychange.org

If Speaker Boehner Can’t Get Votes for Immigration Reform, Failure of Leadership Is on Him

WASHINGTON -- Today, Speaker Boehner tried to put off securing votes for immigration reform by deflecting blame to President Obama. In response, the Fair Immigration Movement, (FIRM) the nation’s largest coalition of immigrant-rights organizations, released the following statement on behalf of Kica Matos:

“If Speaker Boehner is unwilling to find votes for immigration reform, then that’s a failure of leadership and courage on his part – one that will come at great peril to the Republican Party. What the Speaker fails to realize is that every day without immigration reform is another day that the Republican Party loses even more trust from the Latino and immigrant communities.

“For us, immigration reform is about keeping families intact, which makes it a deeply personal issue. It’s about the urgency to stop the family-separation crisis that grips our communities. By trying to put the brakes on reform, Speaker Boehner is  keeping in place a policy that works to take parents from children every day.

“That same moral crisis translates into political danger for Republicans. Our families are tired of delays from Speaker Boehner. At every turn, our communities will continue to advocate vigorously for a halt to deportations, and for commonsense reform with a pathway to citizenship. Our nationwide apparatus will continue to unleash relentless pressure on our opponents, until we’ve cleared the way from detractors and achieved justice for our families. Our resolve to stop our families from being separated is unwavering and will always trump the Speaker’s political failures.”


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