New York State: Road Trippin' for Change

On Monday, 10 riders in New York State launched "the NY Road trip for our future". The riders have come together because their future is at stake and they are fighting to fix the broken immigration system.

From the NYImmigrationReform site:

Today we fight to reunite our families, protect our workers, give our students the opportunity of higher education and a path to earned citizenship for all.

The road trip will take the group all of New York State to meet with their members of Congress, hold community actions and build a powerful statewide movement for immigration reform. You can check out the full itinerary here and meet the riders!

Yesterday, one of the riders, Jessi Jaramillo, took it to the NY Immigration Reform blog to talk about the last few days:

The last two days have been a whirlwind. We left a press conference in NYC on Monday [check out the video here], where many riders shared their stories and headed upstate to beautiful Carmel, NY. We arrived just after 4, to a crowd of over a hundred people, cheering and trying to stay warm in the 20 degree weather. The welcomed us with singing and chants and left us feeling completely energized for the week. We followed the crowd to a church down the street where there was music, food, and gifts waiting for us. That night we saw a community come together, inspired to be a part of this movement. Thanks to the Hudson Valley patriots and the whole community for making us feel welcome!

The group has also gotten some great coverage in the Latin American News Dispatch, and the Lower Hudson Valley newspaper.

To keep up with the road trip, follow @NYImmReform on Twitter or check out the group's blog.