New York Immigration Coalition speaks out against back room brokering of migrant lives

Groups react strongly to the White House plan and closed-door politicking- if you're organization is speaking out- let us know about it: THE NEW YORK IMMIGRATION COALITION

Press Statement For Immediate Release, May 9, 2007 Contact:  Norman Eng, 212-627-2227 x.235

Immigrant Groups Denounce White House & Senate

“Grand Bargain” to Sell Out Immigrant Families & Workers Statement of Chung-Wha Hong, Executive Director, The New York Immigration Coalition: We commend New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Council Member and Immigration Committee Chair Kendall Stewart, and Council Member Melissa Mark-Viverito for taking leadership to introduce a local resolution that calls for an end to violent raids and deportations and for enactment of comprehensive immigration reform.   In Washington, however, Senator Arlen Specter has announced a “grand bargain” between the White House and Senate Republicans and chief negotiators for Senate Democrats.  The “grand bargain” is a sellout.  The New York Immigration Coalition denounces the principles outlined in the White House–negotiated bargain as repugnant to our nation’s most fundamental values of strong families and basic fairness.  The proposed bargain includes “triggers” that obstruct the legalization process, undermines our family-based immigration system, and creates a guestworker program that promotes exploitation of low-wage workers in a permanent underclass and drives down wages and working conditions for all American workers. Now is the time for our Members of Congress to speak out and:

·         Reject the White House–led “bargain” announced by Senator Specter;

·         Reject any deal that would restrict our family-based immigration system to anything less than our current system;

·         Reject any deal that would create a future worker program that does not provide a path to citizenship;

·         Urge Senator Reid to do the right thing and introduce a stronger bill that would provide broad legalization for all immigrants; a future worker program that includes a path to citizenship and strong worker protections; family unity; and strong protections of due process and civil rights. 

We urge Senators Schumer and Clinton to intervene immediately to block the anti-family, anti-worker sellout deal from going forward and to aggressively work on legislation that is workable, humane, and comprehensive. The New York Immigration Coalition and its 200 member organizations will continue to press for a solution as part of a growing national call for comprehensive immigration reform.  The NYIC believes that immigration reform is a necessary part of realizing our national vision for a healthy and growing economy, diverse and vibrant communities, strong families, and dignity and respect for all.