New weapons of destruction...

As if midnight raids and terror-filled deportations weren't enough, the Bush Administration and its broken immigration system continue to find new ways to rip our communities apart. As many service providers and immigrant advocate know, the US government often tries to prohibit legal residents of the US from bringing over members of their immediate and extended families by questioning the legitimacy of their family ties, and questioning the loving titles of "brother", "aunt" and so forth that we give to members of our families- interrogating our family structures and holding families hostage.

The US has started pushing DNA tests to prove familial ties between US residents and family members that they would like to bring over. Not only is this test a major financial burden (at 450 a pop) but it is a deep intrusion into the family life of immigrants. Would you want to have to take a DNA test to see your father?

Once the test is taken, the government can use a lack of proven DNA relation to keep legal residents from bringing over their families. One father who had slaved for years to provide for his children in Ghana found out that three of his four children were in fact not his. This came as a shock to him, and spiraled his family into tragedy.

The US government allowed only his legitimate child to come- his other three children that he raised, loved and cared for as his own are being held in Ghana. This man had no idea these children were not his own, but for him they are still his sons. The US government thinks the lack of DNA proof gives them the right to keep his family apart- do you? (Read more about this HERE)

The Bush administration thinks that more soldiers on the border=less unauthorized immigration-- what math is he using? For years advocates have known that increasing soldiers and militarization at one point on the border doesn't end unauthorized immigration- it simply pushes immigrants into more rural and dangerous areas. Bush spoke at Yuma, AZ yesterday tauting a drop in captures of illegal immigration as a sign that his plan is working- if anything it is a sign that MORE lives are being put at risk at different areas along the border- MORE opportunities for mother, fathers and children to die in the desert. (Read more about Bush's outlandish claims HERE)

These are just two more reasons Why We Can't Wait for comprehensive immigration reform